What famous example of Byzantine architecture has been both a Christian church and a mosque?


Answer 1
Answer: The famous example is the Hagia Sophia! :D Hope I get the brainist answer! :D 
Answer 2
Answer: The Hagia Sofia is both a church and a mosque

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Helppppppp historyyyyyyyyyyy 1) because of the influence of john Calvin , protestant churches developed in which of the following countries?

A) Sweden, France, the Netherlands
B) Sweden, Scotland, Italy
C)Italy, Spain, Scotland
D)Portugal,France, and the Netherlands

2) what was not a result of king Henry VIII's request to the pope to cancel his marriage ?
A)Henry VIII broke with then roman catholic church.
B) Henry VIII started the protestant church of england
C) Henry VIII caused Phillip of Spain to send the Spanish armada
D) Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon and remarried

3) why was mercantilism important to the European nations?

A) gold sent home from the colonies was given to the various churches.
B)gold sent home from the colonies was given to the royal treasuries
C)gold sent home from the colonies was given to wealthy landowners
D)gold sent home from the colonies was given to the business owners.

4)which nation became protestant because its ruler wanted a divorce that the pope would not grant?


5) which is true about the battle of the Spanish armada?

A) England's smaller and faster ships sank much of the Spanish fleet.
B)the battle took place off the coast of the Netherlands
C) none of the Spanish ships returned home to Spain
D)Phillip II of Spain wanted to force Henry VIII of England off the throne.


1) As a result of John Calvin's influence, protestant churches grew in Sweden, France, and the Netherlands. (Option A)

2) Henry VIII's plea to the pope to annul his marriage was not the reason Phillip of Spain sent the Spanish armada, as claimed by Henry VIII. (Option C)

3) Gold that was sent back from the colonies was donated to the royal coffers; a practice known as mercantilism in the countries of Europe. (Option B)

4) Because the pope refused to accept its ruler's request for a divorce, the nation of England converted to Protestantism. (Option D)

5) It is true that during the Battle, a large portion of the Spanish fleet was sunk by England's smaller, speedier ships. (Option A)

What is Henry VIII's most well-known for?

He was a strong character with charisma, and it's possible that his turbulent love life and the founding of the Church of England are what made him most well-known. In addition, he is credited with founding the Royal Navy, promoting shipbuilding, and developing anchorages and dockyards.

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1. A) Sweden, France, the Netherlands

2. C) Henry VIII caused Phillip of Spain to send the Spanish armada

3. B)gold sent home from the colonies was given to the royal treasuries

4. D)england

5. A) England's smaller and faster ships sank much of the Spanish fleet.



Most soldiers traveled by...
Question 6 options:


Actually in both colonial and nowadays most soldiers get around by foot
horses are expensive and saved for officers
wagons are slow and inefficient
cars are small
It would be most likely horseback being history Its how the calvary really got around I have never heard of them in wagons or on foot needless to say a car, soo yeah horseback

Irrigation was a contribution made by the: a : babylonians b : phoenicians c : egyptians d : hebrews




that guys is wrong. cuz i have the same question in my school program

the answer is Egyptians so C. your welcome, anytime. by


When did Hitler realize no one was going to stand up to him? when he seized Austria when he invaded Czechoslovakia when he mobilized the military when he invaded Poland


When he invaded poland


when he seized Austria



What is a claim in an argumentative essay?


For instance, the primary argument of an argumentative essay is a claim. I tell you that I like dogs, and you disagree, so you decide to create an essay in which your primary point is that cats are superior.

What is meant by an argumentative essay ?

An evidentiary objection that is raised in the American legal system in answer to a question that invites a witness to infer conclusions from the case's facts is referred to as an argumentative objection.

One typical misunderstanding is that contentious questions are only intended to get a witness to debate the examiner.

This mistake is based on a misunderstanding of the word "argument." Both "a verbal brawl or disagreement" and "a succession of convincing claims" (the legal sense described in this article) are definitions of argument.

Consequently, an argumentative objection can only be used when the attorney is presenting a legal defense while posing a question.

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A claim in an argumentative essay is the main argument for example I say I like dogs are better you think cats are better so you are gonna write your essay in why you think cats are better (that is your main argument)

How do people made balloons and how?


There is too much to explain on how a balloon is made. To see for yourself you can go to www.howproductsaremade.com and in its search look up ballons.
Balloons are manufactured from a liquid rubber called latex,this rubber called latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree that grows in Malaysia called "Heveabrasiliensis."

One of the main reasons that Jamestown settlers struggled to survive was that they? A. Were not used to physical labor.
B. Befriended the powhatan people
C. Listened to John Smiths faulty advise.


The correct answer is a the reason it is not b is bc the powhatan were actually a really big help to the jamestown settlers. and c they didn't listen to john smiths advise at all


What did Americas including the colonies export in triangle trade


Slaves,molasses,imported goods,sugar,tobacco ect.

Explain this sentence historically there has been a lack of consensus in the country with regard to a broad rather than narrow construction of the constitution


In the Unites States of America, the courts can translate the Constitution extensively. For instance, weapons can be controlled despite the fact that the Constitution gives individuals a privilege to remain battle ready.

I hope  the answer  will help you. 

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