PLEASE HELP!! I NEED AN ANSWER NOW!!! David has an image of a moving bike. He wants to make it appear as if the bike is moving in the opposite direction as the original. What can he do to achieve this


Answer 1


    David should flip the photo horizontally.

    Image Rotation commands let you rotate or flip an entire image. These commands do not work on individual layers or parts of layers, paths, or selection borders. To rotate a selection or layer, use the Transform or Free Transform command.

  • Choose Image> Image Rotation and from the submenu choose one of the following commands:
  • 180 °: Rotates the image by half a turn.
  • 90 ° Clockwise: Rotates the image a quarter turn clockwise.
  • 90 ° Counterclockwise: Rotates the image a quarter turn counterclockwise.

Answer 2

Put the Video In Reverse?

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Select the correct answer. Ryan received an email from a person claiming that he is an employee of the bank in which Ryan has a bank account. He asks Ryan for his account number and online banking password to verify certain details of Ryan’s account. Ryan gives him the required details. A day later, when Ryan goes online to perform certain transactions, he sees that his account balance is zero. Which method did the hacker use to hack Ryan’s account? A. social engineering B. DoS C. spoofing D. sniffing



Social engineering is the method, the hacker use to hack Ryan’s account.


The act of obtaining information by pretending them to be right person and start stealing information to gain money.

Sniffing: It is a technique of attacking a data packets which are passed through the network. It is one way of stealing information.

DoS: This option is no way related to network or hacking.

Spoofing: This is a very close answer, but spoofing normally hacks a computer by placing a malicious file.

So According to the given situation of obtaining password and username from the user by wearing a false ways relate to the term Social engineering.

The answer is C. spoofing is impersonating someone or something to steal data.


Write a cout statement so that the variable totalAge is displayed in a field of 12 spaces, in fixed point notation, with a precision of 4 decimal places.



The syntax is as follows.



What effect does using quotas in file server resource manager have?


It limits the number of gigabytes allocated to a volume or folder

You downloaded a file using internet explorer. unfortunately, you closed ie and you don’t remember where you downloaded the file to. how can you find the file?


Hit Ctrl+J and the file should be there on the top of the list

billy is trying to cut down the amount of web traffic going between his network and the internet while still allowing all users to obtain the information they need. what might be used to accomplish this



Private/public servers?


Billy could make private/public servers and once they reach 30 - 50 people the server could close until someone leaves. (I think)


Henry is having a problem with the electrical system on his current laptop. The battery for the laptop will not charge. Henry took the AC adapter and battery from another laptop that is known to work, and put them in his current laptop, but still the battery will not charge. What possible actions can Henry take to make his laptop usable? (Select all that apply.)

a) Henry can replace the battery again, as the second battery could also be bad.
b) Henry can replace the laptop system board.
c) Henry can purchase a new laptop.
d) Henry can use the laptop only when it’s connected to the power using the AC adapter.



Option B, C, and D are the correct options.


Henry's present laptop has an issue with an electrical system. His laptop's battery is not charging. Then. he uses his laptop's battery and charger on another laptop and he seems that it works but they are not working on his laptop then, he again put them on his laptop but they still not working. So, Henry can change his laptop's system board either, He will use a laptop when his laptop connected with the charger without battery otherwise, He will buy a new laptop.


Which of the following is the Boolean logical operator for OR in C#? ||






The answer to that  is  ||
This would be &&

Hope this helped

Enclosing your query in what is perhaps one of the most useful search operators, it tells the search engin that it must only return results containing the EXACT phrase you’ve entered (treating it like a single search term).

a. Parentheses
b. Brackets
d. Quotes


Special words such as AND, OR, and NOT used to modify your search criteria.

a. Boolean operator
c. Web pages
d. Internet

38. The name of the network began in 1969 by the US Department of Defense

b. Internet
d. Boolean Operator


25. ) Answer ~ D.Quotes

30. ) Answer ~ C. Web Pages

38. ) Answer ~ B. Internet

Hope this helps !

Find an example of a print or Internet ad that includes images and text, and then answer the following questions about it.



4. Find an example of a print or Internet ad that includes images and text, and then answer the following questions about it.

          a. Describe the ad. (1-3 sentences. 1.0 points)

Mcdonald's all day breakfast. It shows their breakfast items, with high-quality images.

b. What do you think this ad's marketing message is? (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points) TIP: Does it use a specific desire or fear, or does it try to show how the product is a need or how it solves a problem?

They use desire because they show their delicious looking food, and the customers are wanting it.

c. Is the ad trying to get people to do something? If so, what is it trying to get people to do? If it isn't trying to get people to do something, what do you think the point of the ad is? (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points)

The ad is trying to get people to stop at Mcdonalds and buy their breakfast items

          d. Do you think this ad is effective? Why or why not? (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points)

Yes I think this ad is effective because it is showing high quality images of their breakfast items that encourage people to stop by and try their products.


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