30 POINTS!!!! Which effects would most likely result from a tsunami? Check all that apply.
4)loss of homes
5)genetic change


Answer 1
Answer: Death
Loss of homes
Answer 2

Your answer's are:

1) Death: When a tsunami hits an area, there is a risk of death.

2) Flooding: The aftermath of a tsunami can cause flooding.

3) Loss of homes: The aftermath of a tsunami can leave thousands of people without home's.

Tsuanmi's are very devastating: Causing death, loss of homes, and flooding.

I hope this help's! :)


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One of the five elements of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. What behaviors would someone with strong self-awareness demonstrate within the context of leading and managing groups? Provide an example.


Explanation:  Emotional intelligence is the ability to control one's own and the emotions of others, and to manage them in a way that even the one who controls those emotions and the environment benefits from it.

Self-awareness, one of the elements of emotional intelligence, is a constant insight of our own feelings and emotions and how they can affect others. This implies that we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses. By using our strengths, if we are in a leadership position, we can use it as an incentive to others, while knowing our weaknesses and therefore humble behavior in such situations is also a benefit to us and the environment.

Self-awareness means recognizing what kind of feelings we feel that moment, if it is anger and at a given moment and we recognize that, we will always be able to amortize, to alleviate that feeling of anger, for the sake of general and personal benefit.

Self-awareness also means not only recognizing the feeling in us but also being honest with that feeling. For example, if the leader of a particular group or department of a company pretends to know everything and is not a case, it can cause a lot of problems. Self-awareness means to say frankly that the leader does not know something, then associates will take over some of the work and do it in the best possible way for the company. In this way, the company will profit, leader will avoid the negative consequences of his/her  silence that s/he does not know something, and the associates will have more confidence in leader, they will consider him/her as their associate and colleague who works together for the benefit of the company, not some arrogant, untouchable leader.


How do countries reach stage 4 of the demographic transition


Stage four of the Demographic Transition Model (DMT) is accomplished when a country's birth and death rates are both low, thus, stabilizing the growth of the total population. Reaching such stage can be attributed to different factors such as a strong economy, universal healthcare systems, increasing employment opportunities for women and a highly educated population.


Find the length and the midpoint of the segment joining the two given points. K (23,4) and W (-2,16)


the answer is 27; (10.5, 10)

HELP PLEASE!!! Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between whites and nonwhites in South Africa during apartheid? A.
Whites made up a majority of the population. They used that majority to create equality among all races
Although whites made up a small percentage of the population, they held all positions of power. Nonwhites were heavily discriminated against, both socially and economically.
All races had the right to vote, but white citizens tended to win elections. Races chose to segregate themselves from each other for personal reasons.
Whites and nonwhites worked together to govern the country. Although some discrimination existed, nonwhites participated in all aspects of society.


B I think bc I had dat question b4
I am doing apartheid for a school project right now. The Answer Is B.

Why does eastern Europe have higher levels of industrial pollution than Western Europe?


There are no laws regulating pollution 

Conclusion paragraph ideas for a speech about Climate Change?


             Whether you believe climate change is naturally occurring or hastened by man's footprints, the truth remains that there are many ways to combat climate change, and they all begin with you. We all must take responsibility for our actions (or inaction) and learn to live sustainably, for our children, our future and our world.

A planet located outside of our solar system that orbits a star other than our sun is


It should be pluto because pluto is a darft planet

What part of Russia is covered with ice year round


Novaya Zemlya

Hope this helps!


The shorter leg of a 30°-60°-90° triangle measures 3 inches. What is the length of the longer leg?


For a 30°-60°-90° triangle, the sides will have a ratio of 1:sqrt(3):2. Therefore if the shortest side (across the 30° angle) has a length ratio of 1, then the longer leg has a length ratio of sqrt(3). Therefore we have the proportion:
3 inches/1 = x/sqrt(3)
x = 3sqrt(3) inches

Note that the side of length ratio 2 is the hypotenuse, not the longer leg.
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