Which of the following explored the new England coastline of the Americas for England? A. amerigo Vespucci
B. Christopher Columbus
C. John Cabot
D. Vasco d' Aquillera


Answer 1
Answer: The correct answer is John Cabot.

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Licensee Kennie Mae's neighbor, Buzz, wants to sell his house but doesn't want to sign an agency agreement. Kennie Mae works with Buzz to list and show the property and negotiate offers. After the property sells, Buzz discovers that Kennie Mae didn't present all offers to him, and he sues Kennie Mae. Kennie Mae claims that because she didn't have an agency agreement with Buzz, she wasn't required to perform all fiduciary duties. What legal principle applies here?


Answer: The Estoppel Doctrine.

The Estoppel doctrine is a principle that was established in Pickar vs. Sears case. According to this principle, if a person intentionally induces the other person to believe and act upon such representation, this person cannot deny the truth in subsequent court proceedings. This principle is used to prevent a person from being wronged by the inconsistencies of other person's words and actions. Thus, in this situation, we can say that the Estoppel Doctrine is the one that applies since Kennie provided agency tasks for Buzz and can NOT disavow that behavior.


The Proclamation of 1763 marked the beginning of a political dispute and eventually led to which of the following wars?


Revolutionary war.-------

How were the theories of Alfred Adler, Carl Jung, and Karen Horney similar?


To determine ways to help improve lives

How many years of prison will you have if you kill someone?


The punishment for murder in the United States is 25 years if a firearm is used  and the other is 10 years under sentencing guidelines for a person with clean record. Murdering someone is just a stupid thing to do. Murder is an unlawful killing of another person or human beings with intention to kill them.


10-40 or lifetime it can also be a death sentence



Who are some of the leaders of each branch of government, and what are their duties? 1. What are the Governor appointed positions in the cabinet? Who are the leaders of each?

2. Georgia has 130 different agencies. Pick one to give a brief description of the services it provides to the communities in Georgia.

3. What city and county do you live in, and what services does your local city or county government provide?


 - Leader of the Executive branches: The president.The Duties: choosing the officials for the Executive branches, proposing government programs to the Congress, controlling military actions.
- Leader of the Legislative branches: Majority voice in CongressThe duties: Determining Government Budget, Conducting voting to decide which bills or programs shall be passed by the Government.
- Leader of the Judiciery branch: The Chief Justice of the United StatesThe Duties: Setting agenda for court's meeting, to write court's opinion

1.  The government appointed positions would be The appointment of executive agency heads, cabinet level secretaries, commissioners,directors and assistants, board members, councils and task forces
Since all of them are a part of  the Executive branches, technically the President and Vice President would manage them.
2. I choose Georgia Departement of transportationThe Georgia Department of Transportation provides maintenance and development of All Roadways that exist in the territory of the states.Not only that, they also a little bit involved in handling public transportations for the citizens.

3. . I live in Brooklyn, New York.Probably, the most used government agency in this city is the New York City Housing Authority. They administer housing and rental programs in the city.On top of that, the city also provides us with other agencies such as New York City Departement of Education, New York City Police Departement, New York City Health Departement, etc.


Is academics or sports more important? Create a list of pros and cons for both sides.


This is an opinion question, so there is no right or wrong! Academics is more important, sports doesn't really help you in anything, except keep active.

Pro-Good for you
Con-Wastes time

Pro- Will help you get a good job
Con- Wastes time

When a speaker alternately tenses and relaxes their muscles before speaking, this reflects a strategy of coping with nervousness that your text refers to as?


The answer to the given question is a coping strategy known as channeling your nervous energy.

Though you can choose to channel your nervous energy by keeping it to yourself, you can also exert it to your public speaking performance. Some ways of doing this include through creating interaction with your audience, speaking in a louder voice, and moving across the stage.


Meeting where men traded furs, bought supplies and relaxed


Meeting where men traded furs, bought supplies and relaxed rendezvous. A rendezvous is a meeting that is set at an agreed time and place between two people. In this situation, the meeting involves two men trading furs and buying of supplies. 

Which field of anthropology is devoted to solving crimes, helping to locate mass graves, and identifying victims of war and state- sponsored brutality?


The right answer is forensic anthropology. This scientific area of anthropology is responsible for analyzing human remains and the possible causes of death based on the remains found. It is divided into 3 branches: forensic archeology, forensic anthropology, and forensic cultural anthropology.

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