She loves novels, she would like to read more of them. Edit the sentence to correct the comma splice. A. She loves novels she would like to read more of them.

B. She loves novels and she would like to read more of them.

C. Because she loves novels she would like to read more of them.

D. She loves novels, and she would like to read more of them.


Answer 1
Answer: Your answer would be B

If this answer is incorrect, then i am sorry

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If you do not get this gym membership today, you will become lazy and out of shape. (5 points) Poisoning the well

Hasty generalization

Post hoc

Slippery slope


I would consider it a hasty generalization, not everyone who does not have a membership is lazy and out of shape, as many people who do have one are not in shape and many who do not have one ARE in shape.

He is a machine, working non stop for over nine hours! Is this sentence a metaphor, simile, or a analogy?


This sentence is a metaphor. Metaphors are rhetorical figures of speech which have to do with symbolic comparisons without the use of comparing words such as like or as (because when those words are used, it is a simile). So here, the man is compared to a machine based on how many hours he can work. It is also not an analogy, because analogies are references to people or events outside of the work where the analogy is used.

Nitrogen compounds are often used as fertilizers to increase plant growth. Sometimes there is much more nitrogen than plants need. What happens to
most of this excess nitrogen?

A. It ends up in the ocean, where it feeds algal blooms.
B. It moves into the air during transpiration in the plants.
C. It remains in the soil until it is used by other plants.
D. It changes into harmless compounds used by bacteria.


Answer:NOT SURE but I believe it’s A

Explanation: Because the excess of fertilizer and liquid you add to a plant on land fields can be spread out by rain until it follows to a water land

(Learned this about last year ) I believe I’m right ...

The Correct answer is A

Hello please I need a help You are a computer addict, and this affected your stadies .So you have decided to write a letter to your pen-friend to ask him for a solution


Hello, I need some help please.

You are a computer addict, and this affected your studies. So you have decided to write a letter to your pen-friend to ask him for a solution.

Now on to the letter.

Dear (pen-friend),

I am a computer addict, and this has affected my studies. Could you come up with a solution to help me overcome this addiction and focus on my studies?


(Your signature)

(Your name)


Our Master has arrived at Cotherstone but I was sorry to learn he had no Letter for me nor any thing else which made me very unhappy, If you recollect I promised that I would write you a sly Letter which I assure you I have not forgot and now an opportunity has come at last & I hope my dear Father you will not let Mr. Smith know any thing about it for he would flog me if he knew it and I hope my dear Father you will write me a Letter as soon as you receive this but pray dont mention any thing about this in yours only put a X. at the bottom, or write to my good Friend Mr. Halmer who is very kind to me and he will give it to me when I go to Church for he lives opposite and I assure you my dear Father they are the kindest Friends I have in Yorkshire and I know he will not show it to Mr. Smith for the Letters I write you are all examined before they leave the School and I am obliged to write what Mr. Smith tells us and the letters you send me are all examined by Mr. Smith before I see them, so I hope my dear Father you will mention nothing of this when you write – It is now two years come October since I left you at Islington, but I hope my dear Father you will let me come home at Xmas that we may once more meet again alive if God permit me to live as long. Our bread is nearly black it is made of the worst Barley Meal, and our Beds are stuffed with chaff and I assure you we are used more like Bears than Christians and believe me my dear Father I would rather be obliged to work all my life time than remain here another year Edwin is quite well but very unhappy.

How does the son use persuasive language to his father?


The son describes the bad conditions of the school, such as the black bread and the beds that are stuffed with chaff, which would make his father feel sympathetic towards him. he also compares himself to a bear which infers that he is treated like an animal. when caught, bears are locked in cages which could suggest that the son feels imprisoned. he then says that he would rather work all of his life than remain at the school for another year which emphasises his desperation to leave as i know that workplaces in this time were incredibly dangerous and many children were beaten and killed by machinery.

“The Romantic Era” is the first unit in this course that has featured literature in prose form (novels). Today, fiction is the most popular form of literature, and romantic poetry especially is said to appeal to a broader audience than the poetry of earlier eras. As a reader, do you feel this is true? How accessible do you find the literature of the romantic era? Which texts were more accessible than others? What about these texts made them easier to comprehend and/or enjoy?


In literature, the imaginative descriptions and stories that are not presented as facts but can be based on some true incidences are called fictional. This genre consists of novels, short stories etc. It is a false belief created for entertaining the readers and audiences.

Yes, as a reader I believe that fiction is more popular and that romantic literature appeals to a more comprehensive audience.

What is the difference between fiction and the romantic era?

  • Fiction is the most popular form and entertains readers as it can be appreciated without scouring deeper ideas. The fiction format draws the reader attention and proposes more prospects than nonfiction.

  • Romantic poetry is more attractive now because romance is a more major aspect. This theme depicts the emotions and the social class along with the romantic instances.

  • The imaginative events and stories of the fictional genre attract more audiences that make the audience impressed, intrigued and curious.

  • The fictional can be understood and comprehended easily compared to the romantic era as they later contain symbolism and allegories making it difficult to understand by a general audience.

  • This makes fiction more accessible and popular than the literature from the romantic era. The literature is found more in libraries while the fictional are found more in the bookstores.

Thus, fiction is more popular than the literature of the romantic era.

Learn more about fiction here:


As a reader, I believe that fiction is currently the most popular and accessible form of literature. This is because fiction has the power to trap the reader in a story with different events and situations, which leaves readers impressed and curious about the consequences that these events will cause, as well as being curious about the conclusion of the facts and the arrest of the characters. In addition, fiction is a type of literature that is easier to understand, since it does not have as many allegories and symbolism as the texts of the romantic era.

Because of this popularity, fiction is much more accessible than literature from the romantic era. Literature from the romantic era is found more easily in libraries than in bookstores, since fiction manages to sell more copies. In addition, it is easier to find poetry from the romantic era than prose, even though poetry is more difficult to understand.


Why does the poet mostly likely use the words “ damp and brown “ to describe the sands


Because if you just say sand it’s gonna sound plane but if you describe it’s it helps the reader imagine what they’re reading

What does context mean?


To have full surrounding knowledge in a particular matter, fact or situation.


According to the dictionary: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.



(1). Which of the following themes can be drawn form each of the selections in this unit? A: Experience teaches people important lesson and helps them to mature.

B: People in authority don't always treat young people fairly.

C: Humorous writing is the best writing.

D: It's harder to grow up in an unfamiliar environment than in a familiar one.

(2). Which of the following is one of the ways Russell Baker paints a picture of his mother?

A: He talks explicitly of his affection for her.

B: Include many of her wise saying.

C: He lists a lot of physical details about her.

D: He describes his parents' courtship.

(3). The important lesson that Twain learns in "A Cub Pilot" is

A: To trust your experience and education.

B: To eat healthy foods.

C: to rely on those in authority when tough decisions must be made.

D: To write so that you remember your youth.


(1.) I do not know how to answer that since I'm not in that unit. I suggest you look over the stories and re-read them. Try to find out the key point of each of them. That should help narrow down, or even know exactly what your choice is.

(2.) This question could have many answers. Actually, all these answers are right, but it comes down to which is the best. I truly suggest you go and read the stories over, but I'll try to help anyways.  I think the answer would either be C. Think about the word it says, paints a picture. C is saying he uses lots of details. Since to "paint a picture" you need details I would choose C.

(3.) B. is just a silly answer. You can rule that out right away.  D is not a answer either. The reason for that is because it is not the main point. They put that answer in there to throw you off. C. could be a very possible answer. But I think A. is the answer. Why? Because of all his panicking and freaking out is because he didn't believe in himself.

I hope that helps you!
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