Which of the following units is the SI unit of velocity? a. meter c. meter per second b. meter·second d. second per meter


Answer 1
Answer: C. meter per second

Velocity and speed share the same SI unit.

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When you weigh yourself, are you actually reading the support force acting on you, or are you really reading your weight?


You're reading BOTH of those.  They are equal.  If they weren't equal,
then you would be accelerating up or down.

You're reading both your weight on Earth, and the Earth's weight on you.
You are weighing the force acted upon you. On earth, your weight is the pull of gravity on your mass. Your weight is not a constant. On individual planets or moons, however, the pull is the same when in the same place relative to the core. 

As the car moves down the hill, you'll notice that the car's kinetic energy increases. As a result, what happens to the car's potential energy?


It decreases! the potential energy is being transferred to kinetic energy! Hope this helps :)

Which of the following is true of semiconductors? A. Exposing a crystal of a semiconductor to heat or light starts displacing valence electrons, which then move throughout the crystal. B. A material is classified as a semiconductor if its resistance to the flow of electric current is too low to permit it to be called a conductor. C. Neither free electrons nor holes are considered charge carriers in a semiconductor. D. Gold and silver are important semiconductors


Answer: A -material is classified as a semiconductor if its resistance to the flow of electric current is too low to permit it to be called a conductor is true about semi-conductors.


semi conductor are more conductive than a non metal and less conductive to metal.


If two boats are traveling on paths that will cross, what determines which boat is the give-way vessel?


Answer: In order to determine which boat is a give-way vessel and which boat is a stand-on vessel, one must look at the direction from which the other vessel is approaching.

If a vessel appears to come from the right side, then that vessel is the stand-on vessel and the other is the give-way vessel. Therefore, the give-way vessel must take instant action to avoid the crash.

At night, the lights are used for communication purpose, of which the green light depicts the starboard side and the red light depicts the port side.

How the two boats are propelled.

Aman tosses a jart upward with a velocity of 14.1 m/s a 60° angle



hold on let me check my answer



What is the base metric unit for measuring mass?


Metric system uses units such as meter, liter and gram to measure the length, volume and mass of a particular object. The metric system is based on 10s unlike the US Customary system of measurement which uses foot, yard and mile. So, for the base metric unit for measuring mass, the answer would be gram or kilogram.
The basic metric unit for mass in the kilogram


Rosa goes into the hospital with her son. Her son does not recall what happened so Rosa describes the following scene to the doctor.
“He was sitting on the couch watching a movie when his muscles got really tense. He started to drool and grunt and then started convulsing. He then urinated on himself. After a few seconds, he stopped convulsing and complained of being very tired.”
What most likely caused Rosa’s son to have that experience?
a stroke
a metallic taste
feeling anxious
a seizure


The answer would be a seizure because the child showed signs of seizure such as shaking drooling and urinating on himself


Gold, which has a density of 19.32 g/cm3, is the most ductile metal and can be pressed into a thin leaf or drawn out into a long fiber. (a)if a sample of gold with a mass of 7.583 g, is pressed into a leaf of 3.061 μm thickness, what is the area (in m2) of the leaf? (b)if, instead, the gold is drawn out into a cylindrical fiber of radius 2.500 μm, what is the length (in m) of the fiber?


(a) First of all, let's convert the gold's density into appropriate units:

and the mass as well:

From density and mass, we can find the volume of the leaf, V:

We know that the thickness is , and the volume is the product between the thickness and the area: , so we can find the area:

(b) The radius of the cylinder is , therefore its area is

For a cylinder, the volume is the product between the length L and the area A: V=AL, therefore we can find the length L (the volume is the one calculated at the previous step):


A 0.450-kg hammer is moving horizontally at 7.00 m/s when it strikes a nail and comes to rest after driving the nail 1.00 cm into a board. (a) calculate the duration of the impact. (b) what was the average force exerted on the nail?


(a) The hammer moves at a speed of , covering a distance of . Since it is a uniform motion, the time is given by

(b) first of all, let's calculate the acceleration. The hammer's speed changes from 7 m/s to 0, so . The time interval is the one calculate at step (a), so the acceleration is

where the negative sign means it is a deceleration.

Finally we can find the force by using Newton's second law. We are interested only in its magnitude, so we can neglect the negative sign. We have:

(a) The duration of impact of the hammer is .

(b) The average force exerted on the nail is .

Further explanation:

When hammer hit the nail it got impacted by the hit and get into the board. This insertion in the board take time which is called duration of impact. The force exerted on the nail is directly proportional to the acceleration of the nail.


The speed of hammer is .

The distance of nail which is inserted in the board is .

The mass of the hammer is .

Concept used:

The rate of change of displacement of a body in unit time is called speed of the body. It is a scalar quantity.

The expression for the speed of the body is given as.

Rearrange the above expression for the time.

                                              …… (1)

Here,  is the distance covered,  is the speed of body and  is the time.

According to Newton’s second law of motion “the rate of change of momentum is equal to the force applied on the body.”

The expression for the newton’s law is given as.

                                         ……. (2)

The expression for the acceleration of the body is given as.

                                          …… (3)

Here,  is the initial velocity and  is the final velocity.

Substitute for and  for in equation (1).

Substitute for , for  and  for  in equation (3).

Substitute for  and  for  in equation (2).

Thus, the duration of impact is  and the force exerted on the nail is  in the opposite direction.

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