The part of the us government that carries out laws is


Answer 1
Answer: That is the Executive branch.
Answer 2
Answer: The Legislative branch is the part of the US government that carries out of the laws.

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How did reagan suggest keeping the deficit down if taxes were cut?


President Reagan was a strong believer in Capitalism. He wanted to help businesses create more jobs and invest more. Hence, he opted for large tax cuts to provide relief to the private sector.

His critics on the other hand questioned how the president wanted to control the rising deficit if he keeps on giving tax cuts.

Reagan's answer was simple, he wanted to clamp down on useless government programs which were costing millions of dollars every year. He reduced government workforce, reduce interest rates and kept a close eye on controlling inflation.

All this helped Reagan develop long-lasting economic success


The Mayan people were the most technologically advanced of the Media medical civilizations in which of these activities were the Mayans particularly successful? A.metalworking B.road building C. Agriculture D.Shipbuilding WORTH 24 POINTS HURRY!!!


C. Agriculture 

Is what they where most successful in

Why did thoreau go to walden? (choose more than one answer.) to live life deeply to discover the essential facts of life to escape prison to find fulfillment in living a simple life close to nature?


I believe here are his reasons:
- to live life deeply
- to discover the essential facts of life
- to find fulfillment in living a simple life close to nature
He mentioned that he got tired in facing uglyness and injustice in the previous society and hopes to confront life for its true beauty rather than what mankind had made it to be.

Which sentence describes an effect of the English civil war The monarchy grew more powerful
Louis XIV ruled France
People began to ask questions about the best way to govern
Parliament was permanently dissolved



The correct answer is C) People began to ask questions about the best way to govern


The English Civil war lasted for nearly 9 years and completely changed the way England and consequently Ireland, Wales and Scotland were governed.

Parliament was not dissolved and by the end of the war actually become more powerful with a parliamentary monarchy system becoming the established governance system.

The Monarchy lost a lot of power and was subdued by a powerful parliament.

Louis XIV's rule over France had no connection to the English civil war.


People began to ask questions about the best way to govern



To ensure production of vital war materials and resolve labor disputes, the government created the a. National Labor Union. c. United States War Act. b. American Alliance. d. National War Labor Board.


To ensure production of vital war materials and resolve labor disputes, the government created the "d. National War Labor Board," since it was clear that such a task required federal oversight. 

How did the guarantee of freedom of religion in the first amendment afeect the American way of life?


Freedom of religion is an essential guarantee in American life. It allows Americans to practice their religious beliefs without interference from the government. This is a fundamental break with older conceptions of the relationships between the church and state. In many European societies, prior to and during the colonization of the Americas, religion and the state were inseparable. This was due to the primacy of the Catholic church.

it affect the American life becuase it alowed freedom of relegon. Take north korea for example, they have only 1 relegon. so the first amendment alows us to have freedom. Sorry for so much typos.

lol xD afeect


Describe the early acts of aggression of germany ,italy , and japan


Germany: Annexing German speaking countries with the consence of the League of Nation.

Italy: Establishing colonies in Africa stealing England's and France's land.

Japan: React to USA's attacks and provocations.

"1. whose death Saul approved; first Christian martyr 2. disciple whom the Lord sent to minister to Saul
3. Jerusalem Pharisee who taught Saul
4. Paul's companion on first missionary journey
5. companion of Paul on second missionary journey
6. city of Saul's birth and upbringing
7. city where Saul was headed when stopped by the Lord
8. young pastor-overseer of churches in Ephesus"
1. Stephen
2. Ananias
3. Gamaliel
4. Barnabas
5. Silas
6. Tarsus
7. Damascus
8. Timothy


Answer: Explanation:

1. Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Acts 7:59 "And they stoned Stephen..." Acts 8:1 "And Saul (Paul) was consenting unto his death..."

2. Ananias ministered Paul.  Acts 9:12 "...a man called Ananias...putting his hands on him..."

3. Gamaliel taught Paul . Acts 22:3 "I am ...a Jew...brought up ...at the feet of Gamaliel..."

4. Barnabas accompanied Paul in mission.  Acts 11:30 ""...and sent it [relief]  unto the elders by the hands of Barnabas and Saul.

5. Silas accompanied Paul in mission. Acts 15: 40 "and Paul chose Silas, and departed..."

6. Tarsus , Saul's (Paul's) birth place. Acts 21:39 "But Paul said, I am a man...a Jew of Tarsus, a city in Cilicia..."

7. Damascus where Jesus met Saul. Acts 9:2,3 "...letters to Damasco to the synagogues...he came near Damasco..."

8. Timothy  was encharged to oversee the churges in Ephesus. 1 Timothy 1:3 "...abide still at Ephesus, when I went to Macedonia..."


In Ottoman society, the men of the sword were almost exclusively A. Jews.
B. Greek Christians.
C. Armenian Christians.
D. Muslims.


The men of the sword were Muslims along with the men of the pen and the men of religion.

i think it is muslims best of luck

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